J4A Public health Consulting

In an effort to become financially sustainable in the long run we have started the consulting branch to raise and generate sustainable funding stream for our day to day operations.

The services objective is to deliver affordable and innovative solutions that support healthcare agencies, organizations and governments in addressing healthcare challenges and providing quality, accessible and sustainable healthcare services as well as improving health outcomes for those in greatest need.

Our Services are offered in English, French, Afrikaans, Swahili, Xhosa and Lingala.

Project Management

  • Organization development and system strengthening
  • Resource management, policy formulation and strategic planning;
  • Program design, Proposal writing, Program development and implementation
  • Project Cycle Management
  • Program monitoring, Evaluation, and Learning
  • Material and tools development and translation

Performance Improvement and workforce management

  • Identification, profiling, recruitment and development of staff.
  • Staff Supervision and management
  • Leadership development
  • Training need assessment
  • Staff capacity building including onsite and offsite competency-based Training and Coaching

Research and Data gathering

  • Data quality assessment
  • Data collection tools design
  • Mobile devices data collection
  • Data management Advisory
  • Conduct Online and KAP survey
  • Conduct Interviews and group discussions
  • Conduct community- or facility-based assessment and surveys

Health Informatic and Digital delivery

  • System integration and Infrastructure Support
  • System privacy and security
  • Data backup and disaster recovery
  • Mobile data collection and analysis
  • IT service management
  • Software development and Implementation
  • Software monitoring and quality assurance.
  • Web hosting, graphic Design and Animation
  • Digital Health product design and advisory
  • Digital marketing and printing.
  • tools development and translation

Health Finance and Operation

  • Health Accounting
  • Health Auditing
  • Strategic procurement planning
  • Supply chain management/ Logistics