Stop the spread Covid-19

Help prevent the spead of respiratory diseases like COVID-19

Young girls Empowerment & Leadership in rural area

Collaboration between the Catholic School Notre Dame Spes Nostra in the Katanga/ Congo and JOY4ALL. Together we have implemented various activities aimed at strengthening the leadership and empowerment capacities of women in rural areas, especially girls of childbearing age.

Supporting Orphans in the Amani center at Kamalondo, Lubumbashi/ DRCongo

We’ve provide a critical intervention in the lives of orphans in a way that promotes Self-Hygiene, self-reliance and resilience for some disadvantaged children, especially girls. Your continued help and support to that dream has become a fulfilling reality. By motivating us through your continuous support in the form of sponsorships, volunteering and donations, you help us touch the lives of many children. Our dream for them is your dream too.

Stop Violence Campaign with the Kensington Community Police Forum in Cape Town

Physical and sexual abuse of orphan children and teenagers living in the area were reported at the police. Some children were victims of abuse and some were witnessing abuse in their host families or shelters. The purpose of the activity was to bring institutions and community together to motivate in supporting the police to stop crime and abuse that affect the lives of orphans and vulnerable kids in their community. During the activity we had a motivation speech from the Police, different motivation games with Children and Food Parcel distribution.

Awareness campaign activities Organized with Volunteers on HIV/AIDS and substance abuse

  • Testing and Post screening discussions Helped individuals to disclose their status and encouraged them to go for HIV/AIDS testing and counselling in their respective clinics in Cape Town
  • 300 Community members were informed about different social issues and behavior that put them at risk to get and transmit HIV.
  • 12000 male condoms and 4000 female condoms where distributed in informal settlement and shelters in Cape Town
  • 140 teenagers were encouraged to delay the onset of their sexual activity (first rule of awareness: Abstinence: A). those already sexually active are encouraged to be faithful to their partners (B) and always use a condom (C).

Leadership Training 2017

In partnership with the KTC in Kinshasa, 60 young men and women have been trained in 4 Leadership and communication training.

Attendees had the opportunity to participate in Leadership developmental training that build upon their enthusiasm for community change by equipping them with the skills needed to gain sustainability and career advancement, build influence and local capacity, and work with civil society to bring about valuable changes to their community. The training has provided Leadership and soft skills and Career-oriented workshops

International Cancer Awareness Day

In 2016 , We have organized a conference on breast Cancer on the international cancer awareness day with the collaboration of La borne church Cape Town and the Cancer association of South Africa. Free awareness materials and Voluntary Breast Cancer screening where offered at the end of the conference

Exceptional Young Women Leadership Conference April 2017

The Conference brought together leading professionals in Kinshasa between the ages of 18 – 35 years old with the ultimate goal of encouraging, educating and equipping young woman to be thriving, self-sustaining leaders and effective agents of economic growth in their communities.