Joy Advocacy Program

JOY Advocacy Program: Promote transparency, accountability and social justice through interventions that challenge gaps in legislation and policy development and implementation and inform public and clients of current or changes to legislation, policy or practice focusing on Access to services: education, sexual reproductive health and rights and social services. Gender based violence, HIV and TB

Research and Policy Development: undertakes research to help analyze problems and develop policy proposals. Prepare written policy submissions, lobby governments, convening joint meetings and developing consistent policies

Capacity Building: : develop sustainable skills, competency, awareness and organizational structure and resources at the national, regional and local level

Outreach: aimed at disseminating research and proposals as efficiently as possible. Stakeholders are commonly brought together to debate research findings and policy proposals and invited to act.

Focus in the present strategic period: Traditional practices such as child brides, forced marriages, female genital mutilation, male circumcision

  • Child Soldiers and Child Labour
  • Economic development in Sub Saharan Africa – the role of women and social constraints
  • Gender Based violence
  • Rights and services to the displaced and refugees
  • Xenophobia