Who we are? Read our Story

JOY4ALL is a Non-profit organization that provides quality welfare and social development services, using different approaches that promote primary health care and social justice for women, children and men in the society.

Mission: Our mission is to promote health; education; social service; community development initiatives and to strengthen civil society and government capacity.

Vision: We seek a healthy, just and equitable society that protects the rights of the weak, the poor, and the marginalized. A society where everyone lives in dignity and safety

Value Statement

Joy4All is a values-led organization- our values create a moral compass for the organization and its employees. It guides decision-making and establishes a standard against which actions can be assessed. These core values are an internalized framework that is shared and acted on by leadership.

The Main values that guide our organization includes

  • Respect: show consideration for one another and recognize each other’s differences as everyone has the right to be treated with respect and dignity.

  • Empowerment: Everyone has the right to control their own lives and to make their own decisions

  • Leadership: Effort to build a peaceful and sustainable environment should be led by people themselves

  • Good Stewardship through our leaders who are continuously and actively preparing for the organization’s future vitality. We value our heritage and our future by being socially, financially and environmentally responsible

  • Sustainability through accountability, transparency and integrity

  • Innovation and Creativity: Acknowledgement of ongoing change and the need to prepare and plan for change

  • Excellence: Taking pride in what we do and what we offer

  • Commitment to Social Justice: Fair and Just relations between individuals, groups and the community and the wider society (as represented by different cultures, beliefs, geographical areas and countries)

  • Value and respect for diversity: Commitment to providing services that affirms the dignity, worth and values of all individuals and groups – creating an organisation, services and community that is inclusive of all

Organisational History

Society is often exposed to many social problems that affect all levels of society in daily life. In low- and middle-income countries, social problems such as child abuse, Conflicts, domestic violence, high mortality and morbidity rate, deviant behavior among adolescents and so on, have a negative impact and incur the burden of high social cost.

Billions of people continue to be deprived of the opportunity to achieve their potential and struggle to build a better future for their families and communities. People lives in conditions of abject poverty, deprived of access to social welfare services and social and economic development.

The lack of education, employment opportunities and access to services has destitute many people of their dignity and the ability to look after them. Therefore, these factors necessitate the need for additional support mechanisms to allow people to live in some degree of comfort and security by improving Social development services delivery, and empowering individuals, families and communities; teaching them to be self-reliant.

Joy for All is a is a social welfare and development Non-profit organization that was created in 2013 with the initiative to provide quality welfare and social development services, using different approaches that support primary health care and social justice for women, children and men in the society. After many years of rendering ad-hoc development and social Welfare projects the founder and board members established the organization in February 2014.


Provide services to people unable to meet the most basic of human needs for themselves and their families. Clients’ situation is assessed and support can be offered through direct assistance or referrals

Undertake programmes that strengthen the capacity of the community and respond to the need to self-sustain.

Ensure and provide quality basic care and protection, necessary therapeutic and social developmental services to children, women and youth in need, including primary health care, accommodation, meals, education, family reunification and reintegration of children into the community

Develop and Facilitate advocacy programs, campaigns and popular mobilization to improve implementation of existing laws and procedures and change legislation and policies where needed.